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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Inman's Real Estate Connect is a Blast

Thousands of people from the real estate, mortgage, title and tech fields descended on San Francisco this week for the Inman News Real Estate Connect event. I arrived Tuesday night and it's been a blast every day (and night!).

Mike and I came with the goal of meeting some interesting people, learn, and have some fun. Mission accomplished. We're here until Sunday, but the rest of the trip will be vacation more than work.

Some things I'll take away from the event-

Some people are much more interesting than you think they might be- like Michael Arrington of TechCrunch who kicked off the event with a rousing presentation of where the industry is heading and some of the challenges it faces.

Redfin's CEO, Glenn Kelman, is a great speaker- very engaging.

Some of those Canadian guys can party.

The Palace hotel needs to staff up when they host an event.

Before you announce that you have FSBO properties and MLS data on the same map- make sure your local MLS representative is not in the room (apparently we're not supposed to do that).

Mike, the president of BlueRoof, showed me that if a girl takes you to a club and upon arriving you ignore her and hang out with other girls- she won't like you very much (go figure).

San Francisco cab drivers can actually defy the laws of physics (and gravity) if there's an extra $20 in it for them.

Perceived value doesn't apply to $12 jack-and-coke's.

The Wasatch Front Regional MLS (Salt Lake City's) is just as control-hungry as ever.

Re/Max doesn't have a clue about the internet's influence on the real estate industry.

I'm leaving this event with some great ideas for BlueRoof and some new friends- what more could I ask for?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here on your blog you claim to have launched in the beginning of July, less than a month ago. Why does blueroof's testimonials pages have referneces to agents writing offers on Christmas Eve?

9:57 AM  
Blogger gt242 said...

We have been Realtors for over 13 years and those clients bought a home from us last last year. The website and company, BlueRoof, launched a few weeks ago, but this is one the things that makes BlueRoof different from many of the other new broker models- we are not tech guys who are getting into real estate- we are Realtors using technology to empower the consumer. There are so many good websites launching in the real estate field that we'll have our work cut out just trying to keep up and stay relevant, but we do have a good understanding of the business with the management of the company having over 25 years combined real estate experience. Thanks for noticing!

11:09 AM  
Blogger ReyEstate said...

I think RE/MAX is about to become an international van schaack unless they come clean with internet lead gen… keep in mind, “the internet is overvalued yet we’re doubling our investment in it.” –Dave Liniger

6:14 PM  
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